Bernhard Stavenhagen

Bernhard Stavenhagen was born in Greiz on 24 November 1862 and died in Geneva on 25 December 1914. After the family moved to Berlin, he became a pupil at the Royal Academy of Music before studying piano, music theory and composition from 1878. His C major piano concerto won him the Mendelssohn Grand Prize for the Performing Arts. From 1885, he was a pupil of Franz Liszt in Weimar, whom he accompanied on his travels and whose funeral oration he delivered. In 1890, he was appointed Grand Duke of Saxony’s court pianist in Weimar, where he worked as court conductor from 1894. After Richard Strauss gave up his position in Munich to move to Berlin, Stavenhagen took over as Court Kapellmeister in 1898. He was engaged here until 1902, when he once again devoted himself increasingly to soloist and chamber music activities.

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