Max Erdmannsdörfer

Max Carl Christian Erdmannsdörfer was born in Nuremberg on 14 June 1848. He studied music theory, piano and violin at the Leipzig Conservatory between 1863 and 1867 before training as a conductor in Dresden in 1868/1869. In 1871, he became court conductor to the Prince of Schwarzburg in Sondershausen, and between 1881 and 1889 he conducted the concerts of the Russian Music Society in Moscow, where he also taught at the conservatory. From 1889, he conducted the philharmonic concerts and the Singakademie in Bremen before moving to Munich in 1895. One year later, he was appointed Bavarian court conductor. He also conducted the Academy Concerts and taught at the Academy of Music until 1898. Erdmannsdörfer died in Munich on 14 February 1905.

Photo credit: Wilhelm Höffert, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons